GRAYTER CO is a brand + curated commerce collective featuring products that encourage, empower, enable, or embody "living grayter".

As a Joshua Gray affiliate, our brand philosophy believes that five commitments cultivate "living grayter": affirmational activation, external self-enrichment, internal self-enrichment, exploration, and actualization.

With each exclusive design and hand-picked selection of apparel, decor, tech, literature, and stationery, we aim to outfit the individual beginning, blossoming, or burgeoning on their pursuit of expressing their greatness, expressing the greatness within their community, or expressing the greatness within the world.

With each collection, we aim to directly or indirectly acknowledge the greatness that is accessible within ourselves, our communities, and our world through curated essentials & uplifting messaging on simplistic palettes. Further, each collection aims to correlate with the five commitments that cultivate "living grayter," .

Expressed through occasional cultural & spiritual undertones, GRAYTER CO exists to employ visuals and values as a way to bring awareness, acknowledgement, and actualization of our respective God-given greatness.